Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mr Rebates 2011 Referral Wrap Up

2011 Mr Rebates Referral Commissions per Month Earned

Here's a nice little summary of the number of new referrals I made in 2011 to the Mr Rebates cash back website.  It also showing the amount of referral commissions I earned per month.  My total referral commission earned for 2011 was $1313.04.  This is only my referral commissions, it does not include any of my own cash back rebates I've received for my personal or business online shopping.

I've entered the data in the month it was earned, then it sits as pending for 90 prior to being able to be paid out to me.  So the numbers for earning correlate with payments 90 days later.  Although sometimes I don't request the cash back to be paid out right away when it's available.

What I like about the Mr Rebates Referral program is that once you refer a new member, you continue to earn referral bonuses every time that new member shops online through Mr Rebates.  As opposed to the way Ebates pays their referrals bonuses ($5 after the shopper makes their first $25 purchase), I like this referral model much better.  I am still earning commission today from someone that I referred back in 2009.  If you are lucky enough to sign up someone who shops online A LOT, then you can earn a lot of referral commissions from that one shopper.

Also, over time, as you refer more and more people, your commissions should continue to increase per month, just from the numbers standpoint.  For example, if about 20% of your referrals place an order a month, and you have 100 referrals, then you'll earn commission on about 20 different orders.  But now fast forward a few years and let's say you now have 500 referrals under your account.  If you still average about 20% of those people ordering something that month, now you are earning commissions on about 100 different purchases.

I'm not sure what my average number of referral purchases is per month in comparison to how many referrals I have, but maybe I'll make a chart for that too.  It would be nice to use for goal setting purposes.

How much money would you like to earn from the Mr Rebates Referral Program?  Leave me a comment below and tell me your referral income goals for 2012!

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