Friday, December 16, 2011

I earned a $750 Bonus with Ebates Referral Program

I'm so excited to have just surpassed the next level for the referral bonus period on Ebates for Oct-Dec 2011.  My dashboard says I've referred 52 new members, which will qualify me for the $750 bonus to be paid out on Feb 15th.  The next bonus level is for referred 100 new members, and will only a couple weeks left in December  there's no way I'll refer another 50 people to make it to the next level.  But I'm really excited about the extra $750 I'll be getting!  This level can also choose a free ipad 2 with 16 GB memory, but I recently purchased an iPad2, so I'm going to just take the cash.

And remember, the bonus is in addition to the $5 per person that you normally earn.  So for the 52 people I've referred, I will earn $260 in regular referral commissions + $750 in bonus money, for a total of $1010.  Not bad for simply helping other people save money on their Christmas Shopping!  Here's a pic of my dashboard today:

If you are interested in earning some extra money simply by telling others how they can get cash back on their online shopping purchases, then join Ebates for FREE here.  You'll even get a free $5 sign up bonus after your first cash back purchase of $25 or more (plus you get cash back as specified on Ebates website for the particular store you are shopping at).

I recently used Ebates to order a few magazine subscriptions for family members for Christmas and got a whopping 52% cash back from  I ordered my husband a subscription for Muscle & Fitness Magazine, which was already discounted.  The regular subscription price was $42.97, and I got $22.34 cash back for that order.  Then I also ordered a subscription for my mom to the Arizona Highways magazine.  The regular price was $24.00, and I got $12.48 in cash back.  Not a bad way to save some money on Christmas gifts!

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