Wednesday, March 21, 2012

$59.40 in Referral Bonus from one referral's purchase

Referral Income from Mr Rebates
Here's a screen shot from my Mr Rebates cash back account, showing some of my recent cash back earning from referral bonuses.  This is from other people shopping online.  I referred them to Mr Rebates, so I get a 20% referral bonus every time they shop online and they earn cash back rebates from Mr Rebates.    My referral bonus is paid from Mr Rebates, NOT out of the shopper's cash back.  They earn the same cash back amount whether someone referred them or not.

I love it when I get a large chunk of cash back from someone's online shopping order.  Look at some of the big cash back amounts I've earned recently.  $56.91 on 3/20/2012, $59.40 on 3/14/2012, and $24.20 on the 13th.  If I'm getting this much in referral cash back, that means the shopper is getting $284.55, $297, and $121, respectively.  That's a lot of cash back on one purchase!

What's great about the Mr Rebates cash back program is you earn referral rebates for the lifetime of the shopper's online account.  So each time they use Mr Rebate's to shop online and earn cash back, you earn cash back too!  As you continue to refer more and more people to the program, your monthly earnings from referrals should continue to grow because you are earning not only from the new shoppers, but also from the people you referred months ago who are still shopping online.  How great is that?

Mr Rebates cash back program
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