Thursday, May 10, 2012

$800 in pending cash back rebates from referrals

Cash Back Rebates
My pending cash back rebates, 99% from referrals, is more than $800 in pending rebates!

I just wanted to update how my passive income from cash back referral programs in increasing slowly each month.  Right now I have more than $800 in pending rebates available in my Mr Rebates account.  These "pending" rebates will be paid out over the next 90 days.    I usually request my "available" cash back at the end of the month each month and they pay it out to me on the 1st.  This "availabe" amount will slowly increase as the month goes on because each day a little bit of the "pending" money moves over to the "availabe" money.   Once the purchase is 90 days old it moves from "pending" to "available".  Why the wait?  To make sure the customer didn't buy something, collect a cash back on the item, then return the item.  The 90 days is longer than most return policies so this eliminates this type of fraud.

A few months back I was very excited about my "pending" amount breaking the $500 barrier, and now it's more than $800.  Soon this passive income stream will be paying me more than $300 per month!  How is this passive for me?  Once I refer a new member to Mr Rebates I get a bonus every time they earn cash back - for the life of their account.  So every time they shop, I earn money too!  How great is that?  If you can refer people who do a lot of shopping online, this can be a great revenue source for you.

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