Tuesday, December 17, 2013

$200 - $300 per month in Passive Income EVERY Month

Mr Rebates continues to earn me at least $200 - $300 per month every single month in passive income, sometimes much more. This is earned through their generous referral program. When I refer a shopper to Mr Rebates, the shopper gets CASH BACK and coupon codes on their online shopping purchases, all for FREE. I get a referral fee every time that shopper earns CASH BACK; for the life of that shopper's account. Every single time that shopper gets cash back for shopping online, I earn a referral fee. It all adds up, and these shoppers continue to get cash back on their purchases, and I continue to earn referral fees. Every month my referred shoppers have been cashing in on $1000 - $1500 in CASH BACK per month. And I've been getting a referral fee that equals 20% of whatever cash back they get [they get the full amount of cash back whether or not I referred them / Mr Rebates pays my referral fee out of it's own pocket]

This screenshot shows the payments I've received from Mr Rebates for the last few years.
Passive Income Sources

I also use Mr Rebates to get cash back on my own personal and small business online shopping, and you should too. So sign up for FREE, collect your $5 sign up bonus, and start using Mr Rebates to get cash back on your own shopping, and also earn passive income by referring others to get cash back too. What I really like about it is how easy it is to refer people; because you are simply sharing a way for people to get cash back on their online purchases. Who doesn't want to save money, right? Mr. Rebates

Sunday, September 22, 2013

HP 2512 Ink Cartridges 20% CASH BACK

HP 2512 Ink Cartridges

20% Cash Back on HP 2512 Ink Cartridges, plus use coupon codes found through the cash back rebate program at Mr Rebates.  They offer coupon codes and cash back at thousands of online retailers, including 4inkjets, which offers 20% cash back on your orders.  This is a great way to save money on HP 2512 cartridges!

4InkJets coupons

20% Cash Back on HP Deskjet f2483 Cartridge

20% Cash Back on HP Deskjet f2483 Cartridges, plus use coupon codes found through the cash back rebate program at Mr Rebates.  They offer coupon codes and cash back at thousands of online retailers, including 4inkjets, which offers 20% cash back on your orders.  This is a great way to save money on HP deskjet f2483 cartridges!

4InkJets coupons

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

4InkJets Coupon Codes PLUS 20% Cash Back

If you ever order ink cartridges online either for home or work, then you'll want to know that you can get discount ink cartridges online, use coupon codes to save even more off the price PLUS get 20% cash back every time you order!

How?  By using Mr Rebates and shopping online at 4InkJets.com.

You will get coupon codes and you will also get 20% CASH BACK on your orders.  This is especially useful for small businesses who may be ordering a lot of ink online.  Whoever is in charge of ordering, should set up a free account with Mr Rebates and then the business could get CASH BACK on all their online orders from participating merchants.

If you prefer to order ink from 123InkJets, they also offer 20% cash back through Mr Rebates.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

$800 in pending cash back rebates from referrals

Cash Back Rebates
My pending cash back rebates, 99% from referrals, is more than $800 in pending rebates!

I just wanted to update how my passive income from cash back referral programs in increasing slowly each month.  Right now I have more than $800 in pending rebates available in my Mr Rebates account.  These "pending" rebates will be paid out over the next 90 days.    I usually request my "available" cash back at the end of the month each month and they pay it out to me on the 1st.  This "availabe" amount will slowly increase as the month goes on because each day a little bit of the "pending" money moves over to the "availabe" money.   Once the purchase is 90 days old it moves from "pending" to "available".  Why the wait?  To make sure the customer didn't buy something, collect a cash back on the item, then return the item.  The 90 days is longer than most return policies so this eliminates this type of fraud.

A few months back I was very excited about my "pending" amount breaking the $500 barrier, and now it's more than $800.  Soon this passive income stream will be paying me more than $300 per month!  How is this passive for me?  Once I refer a new member to Mr Rebates I get a bonus every time they earn cash back - for the life of their account.  So every time they shop, I earn money too!  How great is that?  If you can refer people who do a lot of shopping online, this can be a great revenue source for you.

Mr. Rebates
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

$59.40 in Referral Bonus from one referral's purchase

Referral Income from Mr Rebates
Here's a screen shot from my Mr Rebates cash back account, showing some of my recent cash back earning from referral bonuses.  This is from other people shopping online.  I referred them to Mr Rebates, so I get a 20% referral bonus every time they shop online and they earn cash back rebates from Mr Rebates.    My referral bonus is paid from Mr Rebates, NOT out of the shopper's cash back.  They earn the same cash back amount whether someone referred them or not.

I love it when I get a large chunk of cash back from someone's online shopping order.  Look at some of the big cash back amounts I've earned recently.  $56.91 on 3/20/2012, $59.40 on 3/14/2012, and $24.20 on the 13th.  If I'm getting this much in referral cash back, that means the shopper is getting $284.55, $297, and $121, respectively.  That's a lot of cash back on one purchase!

What's great about the Mr Rebates cash back program is you earn referral rebates for the lifetime of the shopper's online account.  So each time they use Mr Rebate's to shop online and earn cash back, you earn cash back too!  As you continue to refer more and more people to the program, your monthly earnings from referrals should continue to grow because you are earning not only from the new shoppers, but also from the people you referred months ago who are still shopping online.  How great is that?

Mr Rebates cash back program
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free Ways to Make Money Online From Home

I'm starting a new Facebook page called Free Ways to Make Money Online from Home.  The reason I'm using facebook for this is that sometimes it's easier to get traffic to a page on facebook, where millions of users already are every day, rather than try to get them to find my blog among the millions of other pages on the internet.

On my new facebook page, I'll be discussing my most successful FREE ways that I make money online from home, including one of my favorites, cash back website referral programs.

Here's some of my earning to my Paypal account lately.  These are all from FREE sources.  I have other earnings too, but they are paid directly to my bank account through ACH, so I won't be sharing any screenshots of those, however I'll still be discussing them.

My Earnings from some of the FREE ways I make money online - Paid to my Paypal Account