Friday, October 7, 2011

September 2011 Mr Rebates Cash Back Referral Commission Report

September 2011 Earnings Report
I just updated my Cash Back Website Referral Commission Report with my new September 2011 numbers.
Mr Rebates Cash Back Website Referral Program:
I had 24 new signups to the Mr Rebates Cash Back Website, and I earned a total of $213.12 in referral commissions from other people shopping (and earning cash back for themselves) during the month of September. My own cashback shopping is NOT included in that number.

The $213.12 is significant because it is the first time I have exceeded by goal of having an average of $150 per month in referral commissions by the end of the calender year 2011.  However, I did have one shopper who made a big purchase and also got a big % in cash back, so my referred shopper got a cash back rebate of $352.41, giving me a referral bonus of $70.48 just from that one shopper's purchase. If I would not have had that big commission my earnings would have been closer to $142, which is almost to my goal of at least $150 per month, which is still a great improvement.

I attribute my increase in referral sign ups (resulting in more shoppers, and thus more cash back referral opportunies from their purchases) to an increase in my postings about cash back deals and coupon codes on my blog Cash Back Websites.  I started that blog as my main way to get the word out about these great cash back programs, helping others save money on their online shopping purchases, and earning me a little bit of online income.

Mister Rebates Cash Back Website
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Ebates Cash Back Website Referral Program
I reached the $250 bonus level for the Ebates Cash Back Referral program's quarterly bonus incentive contest.  I referred 27 new sign ups (over 4 months), which I get $5 per sign up, plus because I referred more than 25 people, I qualified for the $250 cash back bonus. The referral bonus period was for a 4 month period. Normally it only last 3 months, but they extended it one month, which really helps me get to the $250 level. (otherwise I would have been a few short and would have qualified for the $100 bonus). You can read more about this cash back bonus here.

Make Money Online with Cash Back Websites
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