Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've earned a $250 Bonus!

Thanks to Ebates who extended its Refer-A-Friend Bonus period by one month (until 9/30/11), I've made a few more referrals and will qualify for the $250 Bonus Level. Yippee!  With one day left in the bonus period, which ran from 6/1/11 - 9/30/11, I've referred a total of 27 new signups that made a purchase of $25 or more. They all got their $5 sign up bonus (or $10 giftcard if that option was offered), and I'll get $5 for each of them also ($135 total). In addition to the $135, I'll also get the $250 BONUS prize, for a total of $385 for referring 27 new shoppers (that's like getting paid $14.25 per referal).  Yipee! I hope they offer another bonus period for 10/1-12/31 - that would include a lot of Christmas shoppers who may never have heard of cash back websites before!  I love being able to earn money online simply by showing people how THEY can SAVE MONEY using coupon codes and cash back rebates! Its a win-win for everyone!

Here's a screenshot of my referral page on Ebates, as of 9/29/11.
I referred 27 new signups for Ebates Cash Back who made a purchase of $25 or more, earning me a $250 Referral Bonus!

If you'd like to join Ebates for FREE and start earning cash back rebates on your online shopping purchases, AND be able to earn referral commissions and bonuses like I do, just JOIN EBATES for FREE here.

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