Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My pending rebates just surpassed $400

I logged into my Mr Rebates account today to look at my referral earnings and I was happy to see that my "pending" cash back rebates has surpassed the $400 mark. That means that in the next 90 days I'll be paid out over $400! Yipee.  My own purchases account for $13.56 of that. So the remaining $387.47 is all referral commissions!

I'll be paid out more than $400 in the next 3 months from Mr Rebates!

You can join Mr Rebates for FREE and start getting cash back on your online shopping purchases at more than 2000 online stores. Plus you can earn referral commissions by referring others to the program, as I have done.

Mr Rebates Cash Back Website
Join Mr Rebates HERE- get a $5 sign up bonus

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