Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Mr Rebates Pending Payments is almost $600

Mr Rebates Earnings Payment

My pending cash back rebates on my Mr Rebates account has surpassed the $500 mark and is almost $600.  These pending rebates will become available to be paid out to me over the next 90 days.  Every day that goes by, some of the money moves from the "pending" column to the "available" column, as 90 days passes from when the online purchase was made.  This 90 hold is placed on all rebates to ensure that people don't try to scam the system by buying products, collecting their cash back rebates, and then returning the items purchased.

Once you have at least $10 in "available rebates", you can request for your cash back to be paid out to you by either check or Paypal. Here's a YouTube video tutorial on how to request your Mr Rebates payment.  After your request, your rebates will be sent on the next 1st of the month.  I usually request it on the 30th or 31st and they send my money by Paypal the next day on the 1st.

Of this $581.80 that's in the pending rebates, only $14.98 was from my own online shopping.  The rest is from referrals, whom I have about 150 referrals on my account right now.  That means that anytime any one of the 150 people who have joined Mr Rebates from one of my referral links buys something online using Mr Rebates, they get cash back for their purchases, and I get a bonus from Mr Rebates equal to 20% of the cash back paid to the referral shopper.  My 20% bonus money is paid by Mr Rebates, it doesn't come from the referral shopper's portion.  The referral still gets ALL of their cash back that is due to them.

The referral program is a win-win for everyone.  You are helping people save money on their online purchases by showing them how Mr Rebates has thousands of coupon codes and gives out cash back rebates for shopping online.  And you are getting a referral bonus for showing them how Mr Rebates works!

If you are not already a member, you can Join Mr Rebates for FREE here.
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