Friday, September 2, 2011

20 New Mr Rebates Sign Ups in August 2011

I just updated my blog post where I list my referral sign ups Goals and Actual New Signups for Mr Rebates. I'm happy to report that I had 20 new signups for Mr Rebates in August 2011! Yeah. This surpased my goal of 12 signups, and made up for not hitting my goals for June and July.  Hopefully the rest of the year I'll reach my goals.  Read my Mr Rebates referral goals here

Each new signup is a potential passive income source stream for me. If the new signups using Mr Rebates cash back website to earn free cash back for their online shopping purchases, Mr Rebates pays me a 20% referral fee (20% of the shopper's cash back amount - at NO COST to the new shopper). Since it's paid from Mr Rebates pocket, the new online cash back shopper still gets their entire cash back rebate.  And since Mr Rebates pays me EVERY time that shopper makes a purchase, if the new referral keeps shopping online and earning cash back from Mr Rebates, I keep getting paid too! A new passive income source for me!

One particular online shopper may only make me $0.10 at a time, however some shopper make me much more, as you can see from my screen printout here, today I logged in to see that one shopper made a $3524.07 purchase, giving them a cash back rebate of $352.41, and giving me a referral rebate of $70.48!!

As time goes on, and I accumulate more and more referral signups, the chances of a shopper making a big purchase like this only increase. Not to mention that all the little purchases continue to add up too!

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